Consisting of only two multi-instrumentalists, Day of One was created in early 2015 by Robert M. Duvall and Don Russell.  Writing and recording from their home studio in Cooper, TX,  Day of One have released three independently self produced full length albums.  Decisions (2015), Cipher (2017) and Within The Lines which was just released April 2018. 


The two musicians first met in college in early 1997 at Texas A&M University-Commerce, TX and played together for a brief time in a blues band before moving off to pursue careers. After Robert’s relocation back to Texas almost 20 years later, the two ultimately rejoined to write and record with no intentions of fitting into a certain genre, style or trend. 


Located in a rural area of North East Texas, finding other like-minded musicians has proven difficult.  Being unable to find a viable vocalist, Robert ultimately decided to take on singing duties for the first time in his musical career with this project.  Besides vocals, Robert also handles drum, bass and rhythm guitar duties while overseeing the production, mixing and mastering. Don handles all the lead guitar duties along with rhythm guitar, bass, backing vocals and orchestral/synth arrangements.


On their latest album, Within The Lines. Listeners will hear influences ranging from Classic Rock to Heavy Metal and 90’s Alternative to Progressive rock.  Thick harmonies, powerful orchestral arrangements, heavy guitars and thought provoking lyrics meld together into a diverse soundscape that tends to fall outside of most musical genres.

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