Powerplay Magazine Review!

We are proud to announce that our latest album, Within The Lines, received a positive review by Paul Hutchings in the July 2018 issue of Powerplay Magazine!

Day of One

‘Within The Lines’

Alt-Progressive Rock

Independent Release


‘Within The Lines’ is the third independent release from songwriters Robert M. Duvall and Don E. Russell.  Their press release states that stylistically, their music has always been hard to nail down.  That is certainly the truth on ‘Within The Lines’. which stubbornly refuses any categorization and instead blends a vast range of influences into one interesting and clever release.

Day of One comprises of the two multi-instrumentalists who write and record from their home studio in Cooper, Texas.  ‘Within The Lines’ follows hot on the heals of 2017’s ‘Cipher’. Being unable to find a viable vocalist, Robert ultimately decided to take on singing duties for the first time in his musical career with this project.  Besides vocals, Robert also handles drum, bass and rhythm guitar duties, while overseeing the production, mixing and mastering.  Don handles all the lead guitar duties along with rhythm guitar, bass, backing vocals and ochestral/synth arrangements.

The album contains a myriad of influences, the classic rock approach of ‘Join In’ with its lush Hammond organ tones and delicate guitar work contrasting with the industrial feel of ‘Dig’ with its Manson style riff and thumping vibe.  With thick harmonies and some powerful orchestral arrangements adding balance to the heavy guitars, the intricacies of bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pain of Salvation and even Marillion come to mind.  It is genuinely impossible to put a label on this outfit. With the nine-minute composition ‘Home’ concluding this release in typically diverse style, Day of One’s latest release is both thought provoking and refreshing at a time when stagnant repetition is often the order of the day.


Powerpoints = 7



-Paul Hutchings

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