Follow Me

Follow Me

They laugh in the face of the ones who care,
And they feed from the hopeless words of despair.
Now they spit on the souls that gave everything,
And they dance in the streets as the pied piper sings.

So when the sky falls today,
Which souls will you save?
And if the walls start to break,
Which lives will you take?

Follow me, and I’ll show you the way,
Stand in line and march with me today.
No matter the cost, just follow me today.

We break everything that is good in ourselves,
As the hate turns our hearts into someone else.
And he sits…on a throne of a million lies,
And he waits… for just the right time to buy.

What a waste, another time or place,
When will it all end, and a new begins.
It all remains the same…..nothing will ever change.