Chase the cheese as the hunger grows,
Around every corner your instinct shows.
Trapped in a maze with no start or end,
There’s no loyalty amongst mice or men.

Feast on death since the dawn of time,
The more you seek the more you find.
Spread the disease its a pleasure to you,
You’re the hand of death, you’re tried and true.

Like rats jumping ship,
You run as the water comes,
Dance on higher ground
As you watch the ship go down!

Now they fall in line each one at a time,
To take what’s yours and what is mine.
Drunk with greed its a glorious sin,
There’s no loyalty amongst mice or men.

A clan of rats they’re as thick as thieves
They enjoy tearing down everything you believe,
Spread the disease it’s what they do,
Before you know they’ll come for you!