Sleep tight through the night, your dreams will carry me.
To a place far away, that will be forever our home.
Take flight for the skies, so high you can feel the warmth.
On our skin, in our soul,You and I will soon be home again.

What’s this fantasy you’re living in?
Can’t you see it’s time to begin?
Run away but cannot hide.
From the ghosts inside your mind.

Wake up….. to reality.
Move on…… there’s nothing to see.
Fall down…… get up again.
Carry the weight of one hundred men
Try not to show too much fear,
Wipe away those childish tears.
Stand tall, just take a breath.
No time to mourn the death!

Now I have fallen into a deep dark hole.
The air is poison from all the lost souls
My mind was stolen, they use thought control.
Please help me father, I just want to go home.
Home, home, home!

Dearly, dearly departed I am waiting, here for you.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I left you, but I had to go.
Learning, I’m learning how to live, without you.
Hoping, I’m hoping that I see you, one last time.

Before I go…….go back home.