Judgement Day

Judgement Day
Lyrics written by Shane Dobiesz and Robert M. Duvall

On the first day of judgement,
The first thing for which a person will be judged will be his prayer.
If he performed it properly, he will be successful
But if he did not do so, then he will be destroyed

All my life I feel it masquerading
And all this time it lives inside of me
Will you stand in judgement for these sins?
Forever to follow me…

These darkest fear imprisoning me
Acid tears that burn I find no peace
And can I stand alone in his presence?
My heart beat pounds inside my head.

As we stand….in his presence
And we burn…. in his name

As he stands telling me my sins
Judgement day for me is coming soon
Melting skin is peeling for my lies
And all my sins have plagued me all my life

Now we stand… in his presence
As we wait… for his judgement
Now we serve…in our shame
And we burn…in his name