The Obsession

The Obsession
Lyrics written by Robert M. Duvall

I - Birth
A son… was born… in a land all alone,
TIn a year…. before the storm.
Taken…far away… across the open seas
Never to return…a king to be
Some day… he will hear the call
Of the obsession, and of the fall

II - The Uprising
Bonds formed in the dark of night
To burn the line of blood that unites
Men stand in the name of greed
Each willing to take the lead
Now they seek only one desire,
To take the crown of the last true sire
Feeding on the fear and hate
This obsession will seal their fate

III - The Downfall
The battle rages….on and on
Men, women, children…families torn
Fighting for freedom …..of the unborn
The weight of man…will break the bond.

IV - The Destruction
The years have passed, a life’s work over
Memories remain, the fire grows older
The one’s who follow, their lives grow colder
Standing on ashes, the obsession is over

V - Return
A son was born.
In a year before the storm
This man remains thru all the fear and pain
The blood of kings will fight to take the reign.